The Origins of Visio

I like ending the week with an easy Visio question. It always feels good when you can help someone with one of your favourite products, which is a great way to start a weekend.

A user posted in the Visio group of Answers (in the “Microsoft 365 and Office” section) about a problem with the ruler. It was starting at 9″ rather than the normal origin of 0,0.

So, it is just a matter of opening the page’s shapesheet and changing the value of XRulerOrigin back to zero.

A simpler solution would be to just double-click on the plus sign between the horizontal and vertical rulers.

So, how could the origin position for the rulers be changed?

For those looking for information on the actual origins of Visio, there is my History page. Decades ago, Karl and Felix set up the website so that MVPs could provide information about the products they supported. After two decades, setting up and maintaining web sites was easier and Karl and Felix “parked” the websites. The sites were still available, but could not be updated.
Thank you Karl and Peter for supporting the MVPs and picking up the costs.
and thank you for allowing the sites to remain. Some of the information is out of date, but a lot of it is still relevant. is the resurrected version of

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