Wish List

These are some of the requests for enhancements to Visio –
updated May 24, 2020.

Name Description Id
Custom LinesThe creation of custom lines is tricky because the drawing does not have appropriate references to determine if the size or placement is correct. The process is usually a lot of trial and error.JM0001
DocumentationMore documentation for the database wizards.JM0002
DocumentationExamples of how some of the specialized shapes work. In Visio 3.0 was a booklet called “Visio master shapes: Tips and Techniques” that highlighted the specialized shapes.JM0003
DocumentationA user was mentioning a problem with the Ethernet shape. The connection lines within the shape cross over the text within the shape.
The sample Visio drawing “LAN Detail(US Units).VSD” appear to have the shapes connecting to the Ethernet shape only at the edges. On closer examination it turns out that there are no connections, the lines just terminate near the Ethernet shape. If examples are to be given, they should be good examples of how to create a drawing with Visio. Dangling lines are not a good example.
I gave the user an example of moving the text, but he would prefer if the lines were hidden. I have posted a modified version of the Ethernet shape on my website with the internal lines removed.
DocumentationIn the online help for Cells[U] property
cellobj = shpobj.cells(“Prop.MyRowsName.xxx”)
where xxx is one of these properties: Label, Prompt, SortKey, Type, Format, Invisible, or Ask. “Ask” should be “Verify”
DocumentationDoes anyone know how to express a “known function curve” as a spline? The known function curves would be sine, log, exponential or bell curve. Parameter driven would be helpful. JM0006
DocumentationIn previous versions of Visio, DVS the documentation, was not included with the product and was released a few months after the product. JM0026
FunctionsFix the problem with the Ceiling and Floor function when the units are not in inchesJM0048
GeneralThere should be a method for updating or replacing shapes.JM0008
GeneralIt should be possible to duplicate pages in a Visio drawing or copy them to a new drawing. This would be similar to copying sheets in Excel. The user should have the option of including any background pages or using an existing background page in the target document.JM0009
GeneralBe able to fit text to curves See Visio Guy has a solution.JM0028
GeneralTo aid in routing, concepts like wire wraps, staples, wire bundles and conduits should be considered. Shape A is still connected to Shape B, but the wire wraps would constrain the placement of the connecting lines. The wire bundles or conduits would simply the path of a group of lines from one side of the drawing to the other.

The staples (or wire wrap) would be used to force Visio to route wires through fixed points and for part of the wires route keep them as a bundle rather than individual wires. Currently this can be simulated by having a separate shape for the bundle. This unfortunately changes a drawing from A-B to A-C-B where C is the bundle. The only purpose of C is to provide a conduit for the wires.
GeneralThe current colour transparency does not work for Venn diagrams. Overlapping a yellow circle with a blue circle results in a muddy colour rather than green.JM0034
GeneralThe ability to transfer pages from one Visio file to another (rather than copy and paste)JM0039
GeneralThe ability to copy a shape (or shapes) from one page to another and retain it’s position on the page.JM0037
GeneralGraham’s Alignment button Q reminded me of a feature I’ve been requesting for about 8 years… 9 times out of 10, when I go to use the alignment buttons, what I need is a CENTER-CENTER operation. I have to either invoke the alignment dialog, or go to the drop-down twice. Over 8 years, that adds up. This functionality is the mythical “Bullseye” button – Rob Fahrni once made a VSL just for me to do this : ) As someone who actually draws with Visio, this would be a wonderful addition. Chris RothJM0040
GeneralNew Feature: What about adding a composite shape? The composite shape would be similar to a grouped shape, but some of the component shapes would not be contained in the grouped shape, only referenced. Thus if a series of grouped shapes had the same component shape, the common component shape would be external to the grouped shapes and could be modified once rather than modifying each grouped shape it appears in.JM0041
GeneralNew Feature: Add the ability to resize shapes using the keyboard.JM0042
GeneralThe true length of the line is available through code using the LengthUI property. Can it be added as a “standard” in the size and position window? John PetryJM0044
GeneralAdd split screen bars similar to Word so that part of a screen can be frozen while the rest is scrolled.JM0045
GeneralMore support for the tablet – Rob FahrniJM0054
GeneralThe ability to change the location of MyShapes to anywhere else (including a network location) Implemented in Visio 2003 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Visio\Application\MyShapesPathJM0051
GeneralTo differentiate background pages from foreground pages, the tabs should be a slightly different colour or shading. Currently they are italicized.JM0052
GeneralIs it possible to change the grid colour? I want to make the grid to look more pale in Visio 2003 (a lighter gray, like in Visio2000) Cristian SecaraJM0053
GeneralAdd the ability to add overline to the text.JM0056
GeneralAllow the user to hide pages with the UI and through code.JM0058
GeneralAllow the page to have different scales for the x and y axes. For example, in Civil Engineering the profile for a highway, the x axis represents the distance along the road and is compressed in comparison to the y axis that represents the elevation along the road.JM0059
GeneralAdd Last Save Date to the list of choices in the Insert Field Dialog.JM0032
GeneralWhen dropping shapes in the Open Group window, they tend to be located a long distance below and to the left of the group.JM0063
GeneralThe text box appears to max out at a width of 52″ with a font size of 60.JM0064
GeneralAdd a dialog box so that the page settings can be changed for all pages (or an option to apply to all pages). BarryJM0065
GeneralAdd an option to the Distribute shapes feature so that the gap between shapes can be specified. Currently the shapes are positioned between the first and last shapes. It would be useful to select the shapes and specify the space between the shapes ( or center of the shapes).JM0066
General – backgroundAdd the ability to reorder the background pages. JM0046
General – backgroundAdd the ability for background pages to reference custom properties( shape data) on a foreground pages Page sheet.JM0070
GroupsWhen adding shapes to groups in the Group Window, the new shape always appears a significant distance from the group shape and always below and to the left. Select All and zooming out is needed to locate the new shape.JM0067
PrintingDawn: Visio does not currently have a feature for printing shape comments, but it would be possible to write some code to automate this.  We’ll consider this for a future version.JM0036
PrintingVisio should allow a user to assign a specific printer to a drawing rather than always using the default printer. – Jim BlackShireJM0050
PrintingIn the Print Dialog, Print View has a Size to Fit option. It would be useful to have the same feature on Print SelectionJM0069
RibbonAdd the ability to create a button on the ribbon that runs a macro the same way Word does it. David Parker/Chris Roth have a work around, but it is not pretty.JM0071
ShapesIn a later release would it be possible to “see” the ‘format picture’ for numbers and dates so that it can be changed. This would be similar to Words Show Field Codes. Currently you have to select the text and do an “”Insert Field”” to see the current setting.JM0031
ShapesAdd a gradient fill for a circle that changes as the angle changes. – R ReynoldsJM0055
ShapeSheetFor some shapes with repeating patterns, there is a limit to the number of shapes. For example, the Ethernet has a limited number of connection arms. To add more connection arms, the shape has to be modified to add the extra arms. What would be handy is to have shape macros that are easily expandable and do not have the overhead of having all the subshapes predefined, but hidden until used.JM0014
ShapeSheetAdd the ability to change the order of the rows in the user or custom properties (user data) sections. JM0068
ShapeSheetWindows 7 allows the user to dock a window to the left or right side and each window takes up half the screen. user. This feature would be useful for comparing two shapesheets.JM0074
StencilsWill there be a stencil of the new .Net shapes?JM0015
StencilsAre there any stencils that contain official icons/symbols for Microsoft objects? I am looking for a stencil that has all the Microsoft Windows ShellIcons for all objects creatable in Windows Scripting Host. Right now, I know I can paste in the icon for a MS-Excel document object into a new master shape if I want to create my own. But there are so many. Also are there any official icons for the internal objects to Windows Scripting Host like FileSystemObject, TextStream, etc.?JM0016
StencilsThe release of updates to the stencils/templates should not be delayed until the next release of Visio.JM0017
StencilsOrphaned stencils and Add-ons, stencils no longer offered, should be made available for downloaded provided there is no 3rd party licensing issues.JM0018
StencilsWhen rotated, the minus polarity symbol on the Battery shape (in the Electrical Engineering Fundamental Items stencil) rotates vertically and becomes less recognizable as a minus symbol. It would be much more readable if a gravity function were applied to the minus symbol as part of the standard distribution. An alternative would be a right-click control switch. Rich McDonaldJM0038
StencilsBe able to increase the size of the icons on the stencil  for those with higher resolution monitors (and poor eyesight). JM0072
Stencils – TimelineAdd a timeline for hours, minutes and seconds.JM0033
Stencils – TimelineAllow the dates on the timeline to appear above the shape.JM0057
Stencils – TimelineAdd the concept of weekends and holidays.JM0073
Stencils – TimelineThe Timeline shapes should have a non date version for the units. The new “timeline” shapes can be used for time periods from 50,000 BC to present or non-date measurements. (Since dates are just formatted real numbers, it is possible to remove the date format from the shapes and just have numeric values)JM0022
WizardsOnce a wizard has been run, it should be possible to refresh the drawing without reanswering all the questions.JM0019
WizardsThe release of updates to the wizards should not be delayed until the next release of Visio.JM0021
WizardsPut Autodiscovery back in. So, how do your paying users vote on this?–nobody asked us when you took it out. Bill Bradley / AlJM0043
WizardsIn the report wizard, it is not possible to hide the sort field. So a report sorted by x and y co-ordinates can not be created without showing the x and y co-ordinates. JWS JM0049
Wizards – OrgchartThe Orgchart wizard will indicate that a number of errors have occurred, but there is no way of seeing the errors.JM0020
Wizards – OrgchartThe Orgchart wizard, when the user selects the person to be at the top of the page, can not use the last entry in the drop down list.Implemented in Visio 2007JM0060
Wizards – OrgchartThe Orgchart wizard should maintain the order of the employees and not randomly place them on the page.JM0061